Friday Tuck Shop Instructions

Setting up:

Please arrive and set up by 6.15pm and take stock from the music store which will be open when you arrive. If you can’t reach the boxes please ask a member of music school staff to help you. Set up drinks and food in the dining room. You can use the metal folding trolley in the cupboard to help move the boxes along the corridor (and back at the end).

Milk: Bring 1 pint with you and reimburse yourself, leaving the receipt in the cash box.

Keys & cash box: On arrival collect from Mike Waters.

Drinks: Please fill and boil a kettle and leave it with tea, coffee, cups etc on a separate table in the dining room with the sign staff only and the tutors will help themselves. Water is available in the kitchen (half way down the corridor on the left).  We also leave out two or three jugs of water, the squash and some plastic cups on tables for the students to help themselves.

Clearing up:

At the end of the session (approx 7pm): please pack away in the boxes as labelled if possible as this ensures that everything needed is available for Saturday volunteers in the other side of the school. If you leave the boxes next to the stairs near the storage cupboard, staff will see that is taken over for Saturday morning. Return keys to Mike Waters & red cash box too if the Treasurer hasn’t been to cash up.

Stock of Tuck, Drinks, Cups:

Please report any shortages of stock to us  or fill in the form in the file.

If you have any questions about the tuckshop or updates to the Rota please email us

Many thanks to you all; your hard work is much appreciated by the committee, staff and students and the tuck shop could not be run without it.