BCMS Summer Concert

Many thanks to all who contributed with the yummy cakes and biscuits… and to the contributions from the audience for them and the refreshments, which raised nearly £110.

It was a full house with standing room only and one of the hottest days of the year, so well done to all the performers. I hope they enjoyed their massed forces’ performance of Mars from Holst’s Planets (photo above) as much as we enjoyed seeing them do it.

Thanks for the cakes!

Thanks to all who donated cakes and biscuits for the Open morning last Saturday. Thanks also to Pauline and Shanley, who were doing tuckshop for the first time, and Fraser for helping out. It was a bit of a squeeze using the Music Classroom as the library was not available… One student was heard to remark “There must be 50 million people in here”. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but we managed to raise £113 on the goodies and £22 on music, so that will be a good help to our forthcoming expenditure on the African Performing Arts Day.
P.S. I have a few cake containers that were left at the cake stall. They can be collected from the Tuck Shop next term.

African Performing Arts Workshops

A letter is being issued today with further details of the Summer Term Workshops on Sunday 17th May. The sessions, presented by the Anna Mudeka Band from Zimbabwe, will involve song, story-telling, drama, dance and drumming. The letter includes a reply form, which is due back by Saturday 18th April. It will be first-come first served so reply soon! You can find a copy here ->  African Performing Arts Day Letter.
Update: You can now fill in the parental consent form online. Just click this link, add the information requested and click “Send”.

Open Morning

The Music School will be holding an Open Morning on Saturday the 14th March. A letter is being given out today with details. Don’t forget to bring along cakes or biscuits for the cake stall and any music or musical instruments you would like to sell.

Not too late…

We are still looking for more views on our idea of organising a Summer Social event for students and their families. If you haven’t returned the reply slip you can still let us know by filling in the sheet at the front desk or the online Ceilidh Response Form You will receive an email reply to confirm we have received your response. Alternatively find John in the library on Saturday and you can use the online form via his laptop.

Summer Term Workshops

Look out for a letter soon about an exciting day of African percussion, dance and song workshops with Anna Mudeka on Sunday 17th May. Each workshop will be for a maximum of 50 pupils of mixed ages, and will last for 2 1/2 hours. Pupils will take part in drama, dance, story-telling, song and drumming, and the last 30 minutes of each session will be a sharing time for parents. As well as the usual paper reply slip, you will be able to sign up via the website. More details to follow.